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About Us

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Fine Metals Corporation was formed in 1989. Our main focus was and still is to manufacture and supply high purity metals and alloys that exceed industry standards. Our products are utilized in many different processes including physical vapor deposition (evaporation deposition and sputtering deposition), chemical vapor deposition and lapping to name a few. These products are utilized by government and university labs, aerospace, defense, medical technology, environmental research and development, MEMS technology, semiconductor and disk drive industries.

Some of the high purity metals and alloy products we manufacture are sputtering targets, evaporation pellets, thin foils, rods, wires and starter sources. These products are utilized in sputtering systems, evaporation systems, vacuum systems, optical refractory systems, x-ray focusing and x-ray filtration systems.

We recognize that labs and research and development projects may not need large quantities. Therefore, we have no minimum requirement for any of our products. Supplying labs and universities with small quantities allows us to help with research and development, advance process controls and helps us in our mission of continuous improvement. 

Our Mission

The mission of our business is to deliver products that exceed industry standards in the high purity metals and alloys market.  We take pride in providing specialized solutions, regardless of quantity, designed to meet the needs of each customer. We intend to fulfill this mission by giving extra effort to superior workmanship and customer service.  It is our intention that Fine Metals Corporation will be a major supplier to the semiconductor and defense industries, as well as a provider of unique metals for research and development for colleges and universities.

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